Have an holiday in Novaglie means having experiences that will make you appreciate this Salento’s corner.

Whether you are a dynamic and sporty person or just want to relax and regenerate, forgetting the stress of everyday life, in Novaglie and around there are many activities to do.

Naturalistic/rural trekking

Naturalistic/rural trekking
The path of the Cipolliane Caves in Novaglie

The path of the Cipolliane Caves is a path that starts from the Marina di Novaglie and ends close by the Ciolo, that once was used by farmers, smugglers and fishermen.

The Cipolliane’s path  offers many historical and naturalistic points in fact there are many traces and finds dating back to the Upper Paleolithic.

Dry stone walls, Mediterranean scrub and wooden fences outline the path that invites you to admire the blue sea: a beautiful view of Salento that few know.

The path is 2.5 Km long that takes its name from the karst caves that are located here.

You can walk alone or with local guides who, especially during the summer season, organize guided tours telling stories, myths and legends.