Lo Scalo is a family-run restaurant which was started forty years ago by grandfather Cesare. Lo scalo is currently managed by the son-in-law, Pippi Longo, formerly a chef aboard the Lauro’s ship cruises, who cooks delicious dishes assisted by his youngest son, Cesare, graduated from the local Catering School in Santa Cesarea Terme.

(Nella foto, la famiglia Longo. Da sinistra verso destra abbiamo: Cesare, Maria, Pippi e Agostino)

Maria Longo is Lo Scalo’s first lady, lovely and welcoming hostess who is always keen on giving advice on choices from the delicious food prepared by her husband Pippi.

Finally, there is Agostino (the eldest son) who, as well as taking care of the catering, likes to catch the typical fish ‘cerniotti’ which is then cooked by his father, Pippi , according to various recipes.

With their 24/7 availability the staff also guarantees the utmost professionalism in the management of B & B, for a pleasant stay in a warm and comfortable environment.

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